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Thoughts from a TMS Digital Support Tech’s point of view

As an applications specialist, we work with dispatchers every day, to make sure our TMS product is running smoothly and that our clients get the information they need. We understand how critical it is to track and always know the status of each load.  How important it is for you to know where your equipment and assets are, at all times.  That it is a high priority to never let any billing slip through the cracks.  Moreover, to pay drivers on time and for the correct amount (you do not want a mad spouse calling you)!  And, of course, to be able to give your boss the reports he needs to make important decisions.

We especially understand how important it is to you to have software that you can count on, with little or no downtime and technical support that is there for you. We know!  Because we have been in your shoes!

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to be in our shoes? Hmmm.. Maybe not, but I’ll share anyway.  It can be fun! It can be stressful!  It can be crazy! Sometimes, you may have routine calls that you can answer with your eyes closed (or by email).  Sometimes, you remote into a client’s computer and run into something inexplicable and have to confess that you are not sure what is going on. (Hate those days!). But we ALWAYS do everything in our power to find the answer.  Sometimes, you become fast friends with a customer, especially after you have been through the trenches together.  Sometimes, you might get yelled at, because someone is having a bad day, or a glitch has caused major downtime.  We definitely try to avoid that.

But, most importantly, we take our jobs seriously and take pride in giving you the best support, to keep you happy and your software running smoothly.


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