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TMS Digital Tickets Freight Billing system lets you track tickets, bill customers and pay drivers for the hauling you do. Whether you are hauling sand, gravel, grain or other materials, the built in job-templates help you avoid repetitious entry. You can enter your tickets manually or import them from your scale program. TMS Digital Tickets will interface with the most popular accounting systems.

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TMS Tickets

Bulk / Short Hauling Tickets Software

TMS Digital Tickets is the perfect dispatch truck software for repetitive, short-load hauling. You will find that Tickets is the premier software for dispatchers for your bulk and dump truck hauling tickets needs. In addition to being very easy to learn and use dump truck software, Ticket’s features include being able to bill all your tickets on one invoice. You can enter tickets manually or import them from your scale software. Automatic replication of tickets for specific jobs makes data entry easy. Just edit the fields that change from ticket to ticket, for example, dates and weight! Bill your customers by the job or batch mark. Built-in Settlements to pay your drivers and we can even set up custom pay formulas for you. TMS Tickets interfaces with the most popular accounting packages.

Bill Customers by the Week, Day or Job.

TMS Tickets Bill & Pay

  • Tickets allows you to export customers & customer invoices into Accounts Receivable, Driver Settlements into Payroll and Owner Operator or Carrier Settlements into Accounts Payable.
  • Tickets includes Settlements to pay Company Drivers, Trucks, and Trailers.
  • Tickets includes our AccountLink Interface module which links to most major dump truck accounting software packages that have import and export capability.
tms Tickets Features
TMS Tickets

Popular Features

  • Rate haul charges by Ton, Bushel, Cwt., Miles, Gallons, Yards, and more.
  • Tickets has on-screen help with pop-up listings of reference files.
  • You can break out hauling and product revenue
  • Let’s you enter additional charges and sales tax
  • Includes Password protection.
  • Revenue reports by truck, custom or date range.
  • Driver pay reports
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TMS Tickets


TMS Digital Ticket Reports are designed with over 30 years of customer input! With a click of a button, you have access to data such as Revenue by Customer, Tickets per Customer, Job Locations, Driver Pay and much, much more. We also will customize reports to give you the specific information you need to efficiently run your business. Invoice forms and Driver pay sheets can also be customized. In addition, if you have “that one customer” who needs a special invoice, different from your standard format, No Problem! We’ve got you covered!
  • Daily Report
  • Customer Report
  • Customer Report by Location
  • Charge Summary
  • Payroll Summary by Location
  • Ticket Pay Detail Report
  • Leased Trucks or Trailers
  • Unbilled Tickets
  • Unbilled Tickets Summary
  • Purged Tickets
  • Load Revenue Report
  • Commodity Tonnages
  • Custom Commodity Report
  • Job Order List
  • Advances Report
  • Driver Reports
  • Truck Reports
  • Trailer Reports

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