TMS Tickets


Location rate tables allow flexible rates to be defined per location and customer.
The use of these rates is determined by origin, destination, customer and truck.

Origin & Destination – These are required to build a rate table. When tickets are
entered using this origin and this destination, this table will be used as default.
Customer – If this rate table is specific to one customer, that customer ID code
should be entered here. If this table applies to multiple customers, leave this blank.
Rate 1 – A rate may be defined for any or all of the methods of rating a ticket. The
use of the rate column (1,2,3, etc) directly corresponds to the BILLING RATE
TYPE entered in truck file maintenance.

Here is an example. Let’s say for a certain origin and destination, you would bill a trip charge $100.00 if truck #100 were used, but if truck #200 were required, the trip charge would be $150.00. After entering the origin, destination, and customer (if necessary) the rate would be set up with $100.00 in the trip charge field in rate 1 column and $150.00 in rate 2 column. Then for truck #100 you would use the rate type of 1, and in truck #200 you would use the rate type of 2. When a ticket is entered for this origin and destination, using truck #100 (with a rate type 1), and being rated by trip, the system will tell you “A rate of $100.00 was found, use this rate?” You will be allowed at that time to accept the $100.00 rate or rate the ticket individually. This can be used in many ways. Some examples are to use this to bill summer and winter hauling at different rates. Rates are set up, then at certain times of the year, the rate type in the truck master file is changed to cause the system to use seasonal rates. Another reason for the different rates may be that some trucks are more expensive to run than others.
In addition, you can have 5 separate Ton Pay rates. These are defined in the truck file maintenance. For example, you could base the ton pay on seniority and pay the truck the first-ton pay rate and as they “move up the ranks” you can increase the pay accordingly simply by changing the TON PAY TYPE in truck file maintenance.