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Before we dive into this week’s trending topics, courtesy of Transport Topics, let us talk about you.  Yeah, you, owner of a trucking company.

Source: John Sommers II for Transport Topics
Source: John Sommers II for Transport Topics

Running a trucking business means you need to be operating on all six cylinders (or eight if you are a beast) all the time, 24/7! With so much to keep track of, such as where your equipment is, are you keeping your customers happy, did you bill all your loads and, in turn, get all your drivers paid.  Are you making a profit, after all the expense?  It can be a bit overwhelming!

That is why we, at TMS Digital, are here to help!

We offer a complete suite of TMS programs, designed to help you run your trucking business efficiently! With over 35 years’ experience, we offer customizable apps that are easily configured to fit your specific trucking needs. You can purchase each of our TMS programs standalone, as well as add additional modules over time or you can snag the whole suite at once!

What we offer:

Dispatch – Our flagship program lets you enter and dispatch loads. What kind of loads, you ask? Well, regular Truckloads, LTL loads, Split Loads, Cross-docked loads, Brokered loads and Deadheads. Easily dispatch your loads to your company drivers, owner-operators, or broker to other Carriers. Your dispatchers will love it! Bill your loads and print invoices. Speaking of invoices, they can be customized to your specs! Settle trips with your drivers, owner-operators, and outside carriers. You can also settle with trailer leasing and agents who work for you. We interface with many leading accounting packages, including, but not restricted to QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains) and Mas 90. In addition, we have all kinds of report options! Best of all, we offer customization of your screens, your reports, your forms, your buttons, your hairstyle. Well ok, kinda fibbed on that last one. You already look great!

IFTA Manager – Reporting IFTA can be a lot of work. HOWEVER, not if you are using IFTA Manager! IFTA Manager imports your fuel card transactions via an API with your Fuel card company or can import from a report saved as a csv file. It then combines the fuel data with data imported from your truck’s ELD. It merges that data together, based on the date and the truck number, to create a trip. At the end of each quarter, all you have to do is run our Mileage and Fuel Tax report to get your totals for your IFTA reporting. Currently, we import from about 30 different fuel card companies and from OmniTracs, Samsara, Geo Tab, Keep Truckin’ and we are adding more ELDs, every day!

Tickets – If you are not running over the road freight, but instead are doing something like a dump truck operation, then Tickets is the program you need!  Our Tickets program is tailored to track those repetitious trips, to and from a job site. For example but not limited to, hauling gravel.  Alternatively, hauling grain, or asphalt or concrete.

Tickets, like our Dispatch program, lets you enter who you will bill, where you will pick up, where you will deliver, the freight, the rate and any extra charges.  Easily bill customers and pay drivers.  Jobs can be set up to avoid repetitive entry, where it replicates the data that remains the same for each ticket on that job. You can also import data, for example from your scale program!

EDI – Electronic Data Interface. We can do 204s, to import load info, 210s for electronic billing, 214s for load status update as well as 990s to accept or reject and 997 to acknowledge receipt of transmission. All we need are your specs!

Equipment Maintenance – Maintenance is a fantastic program for keeping track of repair orders and maintenance due on your equipment. Organized with features to keep track of parts and part assemblies.   Built in billing features allow you to invoice if you work on someone else’s equipment!

Driver Safety – This is one of the most organized programs I have ever seen for keeping track of employee data, for example driver physicals, drug tests, MVRs, traffic tickets, accidents and detailed information about the driver himself.

Ok, now that I have filled you in on our great products, let’s get back to what is trending in the trucking world this week. Source: Transport Topics

  1. Pass the Test and Tesla Owners Might Get Full Self-Driving Beta Access — CEO Elon Musk has said that on Sept. 24, the electric carmaker will roll out an updated version of its Full Self-Driving beta software, which until now has only been available to roughly 2,000 people. Click to read more.
  2. Costco Limits Paper Products, Water Due to Supply Chain Delays –Costco is bringing back purchase limits on some essential items and it’s blaming supply chain delays.  During a Sept. 23 earnings call, Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said shoppers will encounter limits on toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water and high-demand cleaning products, according to CNBC. Click to read more.
  3. House Vote on Infrastructure Pushed to Sept. 30 –WASHINGTON — With President Joe Biden’s broad domestic agenda at risk of collapse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sept. 26 vowed that Democrats will pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill this week and push ahead on the bigger $3.5 trillion social safety net and climate change bill while acknowledging the total amount will drop. Click to read more.
  4. C.H. Robinson Releases Spot Market Navigation Tool –C.H. Robinson launched a new tool to help businesses navigate spot market costs, the company announced Sept. 20.  Market Rate IQ is intended to help companies compare their spot rates to a third-party benchmark, while also breaking down where they could save money, the company said. Click to read more.
  5. USPS Mail, Small Package Delivery May Take Longer as of Oct. 1 — The U.S. Postal Service is making changes to its express shipping as of Oct. 1 that could delay some mail going across country.  The USPS says it hasn’t been able to hit its promised delivery targets for years — and these changes make those targets more attainable, cost-effective and realistic.  Click to read more.

As always, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and consider our TMS Digital programs and how they can help you with your trucking business!


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