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Tickets Job Entry


Job Entry

The job entry screen works as a template for your tickets. You set up a job with all the data that doesn’t change from ticket to ticket.
For example: who you will bill, where you pickup from, where you deliver to, the rating information, any additional charges, including sales tax. Even driver pay!
Then when you create a ticket, using the job you created, it will automatically populate the ticket fields and all you have to enter is the data that changes from ticket to ticket. For example the weight or the driver or truck used. Makes data entry a breeze! AND you can start adding your tickets right from the job screen and it will track the tickets related to that job on the far right!

Job Information

Enter the date range that this series of tickets or “job” will encompass.
Invoice code is another tool for “batch marking” tickets when you invoice.  You can do a batch mark and tell it you want to filter out and mark all tickets with a specific job, for a specific date range for a specific invoice code.
ICC code – user-definable and can also be used for filtering.

Rate Tables

Setup Rate tables based on customer and location to automatically populate your ticket rates based on criteria you define.  No more looking through spreadsheets or rolodex cards to see what you normally rate for that customer! See an example of our rating table Click Here

Easy Billing

Just enter your customer ID in the billing screen and all of his unbilled tickets appear. Mark the ones you want to bill by batch number or date range or selectively! Need a customized invoice? You got it!

Import Data

Are you tired of doing duplicate entry? Import data from your scale program to create tickets in our system, automatically!  If your scale program can export data, we can import it!!

Additional Charges

You can setup additional charges that you know will be on every one of the tickets for this job and reduce your entry time by having them automatically populate each ticket you enter!  This is where most of our customers often setup the Fuel Surcharge*

For more information on how Fuel Surcharge can be calculated