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Short Haul Repetitive Loads

TMS Digital Tickets was created and written for those short, repetitive truckloads, for example: hauling gravel back and forth from a quarry to a job site.  Or, running cement trucks back and forth to new construction. Another example would be asphalt loads, multiple trips for road repair.

I am going to share with you a brief history of the TMS Digital Tickets program. This short load, trucking software has been around for nearly 35 years. TMS Digital Tickets software was created in Southern Illinois, USA by our original owner, original programmer, original salesperson, and chief bottle washer, Bob Berner. He realized, after writing our flagship program TMS Digital Dispatch, which was geared more for over the road trucking, that there was a need for a short haul trucking software.

The name Tickets comes from the drivers coming back into the office at the end of the day with a handful of “tickets” for processing.  Each ticket is a record of what was hauled on a load and the same data is used to create both the invoice for the customer as well as the pay for the driver.   No need for duplicate entry, one set of data flows out for invoicing, settlements and reporting.

Bob really did his homework. He spoke to several potential (and soon to be) dump truck customers to find out what they were looking for and more importantly, what were their needs.  After finding out they wanted something that was easy to use, that would let them bill multiple ticket loads on one invoice, either utilizing batch marking by date or by job, and pay their drivers, he wrote the first TMS Tickets program.

While in the last 35 years, the company has grown from that one-man show, the basics of the Tickets program he wrote are still in use today. Of course, there have been enhancements along the way. Nevertheless, this program started out offering everything a short haul, repetitive load trucking customer could be looking for.

Best of all, it is easy!  The ease of use is what makes most of our customers happy. First, they are able to enter all the information in one screen, which includes who to bill, who to pay and any additional charges, as well as where they are picking up and where they are delivering. In addition, they are able to easily duplicate/replicate tickets that are related to one specific job without having to do the same entry over and over again. You just click the Add button and it copies the pertinent information from the previous ticket and the user just edits the details that may change per trip, like the date and the weight and maybe the driver that took it.  Click save and they are ready for the next ticket.

Or, if their scale software can export, TMS Tickets can import that file, quickly reducing redundant entry!  It is a win-win!

We quizzed some of our existing customers on what they liked best about TMS Digital Tickets software. What they came back with the most was “it’s easy”!  Easy to enter tickets!  Easy to see how they relate to Jobs!  Easy to bill all the tickets on one invoice! Easy to pay drivers! Easy to export over to their accounting programs!  They love the way it automatically tracks to the correct general ledger accounts when they export it to their respective accounting packages.

Tickets lets you break out revenue to different General Ledger accounts. When you bill the tickets, the posting file sent to your accounting package will automatically debit and credit the correct GL accounts based on conditions such as product description, miscellaneous charges and types of hauling.  You describe to us how you want it to track and we set up the conditions.

Tickets can interface with QuickBooks, MS Dynamics (Great Plains) Mas 90 and more.  If your accounting software can import postings, we can map fields to correspond and export!

And, would you like to know what else is easy? Customization! You can customize your ticket browser screen to display any columns you would like to see at a glance. Tickets and all of our TMS Digital programs have built in security options that will allow you to set up restricted access for certain users.  You know, the ones that get into things they should not.   Our support techs will help you with customization of your menu options and buttons, so your users only have access to what you want them to see.

For more advanced customization, just reach out to the TMS Digital support technicians. The techs are known for fast callbacks and down to earth communication. Moreover, they can help you setup and automate those complicated pay formulas for your drivers, or specialized invoice formats for that fussy customer!

So if you are looking for the perfect short haul, repetitive load trucking software to make tracking, billing and paying your bill of lading tickets easier, look no further! You have found it! Made right here in the USA.


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